Save the Vig - Bowl Team Contenders
Teams in contention for a Bowl Game in this 2021 season

The following is a listing of teams that are in, or fighting for a bowl bid this year. Teams in bold are already bowl eligible, teams in italics are already eliminated from consideration. In this 2021 season there are 40 Bowl Games (plus the National Title Game), which means there are 80 bowl teams needed.

As of week 16 there are 84 eligible bowl teams out of the 80 teams needed.
0 teams still in contention for a bowl bid, while 46 are already eliminated.
Bowl eligible teams by Power 5 Conference - ACC: 10   Big Ten: 9   Big 12: 7   Pac 12: 6   SEC: 13   
Bowl eligible teams by Group of 5 Conference - AAC: 7   Conf USA: 8   MAC: 8   MWC: 8   Sun Belt: 4   Ind: 4