Save the Vig - About Us
We are new the scene of NCAA Footall Analytics. Based out of northern Maryland, we strive to provide unbiased statistical analysis of the sport we love. With 130 teams playing uneven schedules through 11 conferences, it can be difficult for the average fan to make sense of all of the data that is currently available for College Football teams. We are huge fans of College Football, and while we each have our own allegance to programs from a fan standpoint, we love the sport as a whole and our passion is analyzing and breaking down data from week to week. We are also, for the most part, active IT personnel from various industries and are passionate about web design and web programming. We hope you enjoy our site and our data. If you have any questions or comments, we welcome feedback at savethevig@gmail.com.

What we are not: We are not a 'tout' site. We provide statistical information and predictions based on our analytics. We do not sell picks, nor do we recommend anyone use our statistical data for any gambling purposes, and certainly without one's own due dilligence. While we strive to provide predictions based upon the data we present, this information should be viewed only as a resource to accurately predict any outcome of games. Furthermore, we would be remiss if we did not mention that buying 'picks' from anyone or any site is a very bad idea. Pick selling or 'touts' are a shady business, and you would be best served by not engaging in their tactics.

We're looking to expand our data, and our first goal is to raise money to allow us to subscribe to http://www.sportsdatallc.com/ api feeds. If you enjoy the site and wish to help out, click the donate button below to help us reach our first goal. Thanks.